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The importance of energy literacy

The importance of energy literacy

At a time when there is so much talk about energy and its transition to greener sources of production, it is also important to work with consumers to encourage their energy literacy.

The main goal of the different initiatives developed by ADENE – The Portuguese energy agency is to inform us all about the sector and the subject of energy. The Energy Information Centre has already been formed, providing an integrated view of the sector, and thereby contributing towards increasing energy literacy. The general public will be able to use the Centre to find out about the energy cycle, from its production sources to transport, distribution, storage, marketing and consumption. The information centre consists of advanced interactive technological methods, which allows the integration of demonstrators and simulators, using computer tools and the most up-to-date virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The Portuguese energy agency, ADENE, is also shouldering responsibility for contributing towards greater energy literacy among the Portuguese, having developed several initiatives in the last year within the scope of the 2021 Energy Route. Its presentations, which were held in several cities around the country, provided information on the streamlined use of energy resources in buildings and in everyday life, and on behaviours to ensure the efficient use thereof, combined with increased comfort.

The initiative also aimed to contribute towards increasing individual and collective action, through behavioural and lifestyle changes, as well as publicising the importance of decarbonisation issues among consumers and companies, by making them aware of the problem.

No less important was the need to gain deeper knowledge of climate change mitigation, disseminate good practices and encourage low-carbon behaviours in society, promoting training in the energy and water efficiency sector and combating energy poverty.

What benefits, at a global level, can energy efficiency generate?

  • Cutting energy bills
  • Job creation
  • Promoting R&D
  • Reducing energy reliance on others
  • Improving energy balance
  • Lowering CO2 emissions
  • Preserving the environment

And for customers, what are the main benefits of energy efficiency?

  • Reduces the effect of rising energy prices
  • Improved results
  • Frees up liquidity for the company’s “core”
  • Improves competitiveness
  • Demonstrates the company’s commitment to the environment and climate
  • Allows improvements to facilities
  • Improves companies’ long-term vision

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