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Mobi.E breaks charging records

Mobi.E breaks charging records

April was the best month ever for the Mobi.E network — Rede de Mobilidade Elétrica — with a record-breaking 188,000 charges. You can find this and other statistics at the MOBI.Data portal, which aims to become a vital tool for drivers of electric vehicles.

The considerably improved quality of the electric vehicle charging network has inevitably led to more and more motorists using it to charge up. The authority which manages Mobi.E announced that the first four months of the year saw over 717,000 charges, a year-on-year increase of 79%. In terms of energy, this represents consumption of almost 10,000 MWh, up by 112% on last year. Each one of the months in question achieved high numbers, but April was particularly impressive, making it the network’s best month ever, with 28,000 users responsible for 188,000 charges.

According to the heads of Mobi.E, this result reflects the investment made over the last decade. “Portugal led the way in taking measures which have resulted in today’s electromobility situation which we are so proud of. Fiscal and financial incentive packages were provided over the last ten years which contributed towards democratising the use of electric vehicles. The necessary infrastructures were also put in place to ensure that today we have charging points throughout the country, available both in public and private spaces, and we made great efforts to ensure that people are informed about the advantages of electromobility”.

MOBI.Data Platform

Nevertheless, the network doesn’t just provide and run charging points all over the country. It also wants to contribute towards raising users’ awareness of sustainable electromobility, and to this end has recently launched its MOBI.Data platform. An interactive data portal which offers easy and intuitive browsing, divided into four major areas: Availability, Sustainability, Mobility and Trivia. The first section is where users can look at the network status in real time, to find out how many stations and points can be found in a certain region and whether they are vacant or in use; the Sustainability section provides details regarding the Mobi.E network’s impact on the environment, and can be searched back to 1st January 2019; Mobility provides a more in-depth look at the evolution of the Mobi.E network in terms of charging, energy consumed, number of users, and stations and points, while the Trivia section highlights data such as the population density per point per region, the average number of charges per user, average consumption per charge and average charging time.

This wealth of information can help electric vehicle users — and everyone else too, as the site is freely accessible to all — to become much better informed and committed to the broader cause which is sustainability.

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